Showerhead Pyramid Perc Striped Silicone & Glass Water Pipe

Get yourself a psychedelic Pyramid Perc Striped Silicone & Glass Water Pipe. Join the New Hippie Revolution.

Where Silicone Meets Glass
An In-Depth Loud ‘N’ Chronic Review

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The Showerhead Pyramid Perc Striped Silicone & Glass Water Pipe is the ultimate solution to the age-old problem of fragile bongs. Say goodbye to the fear of accidental breakage and hello to a durable and unbreakable smoking experience.

This classic beaker base bong combines the best of both worlds, featuring BPA-free grade V1 platinum-cured silicone throughout the neck for unrivaled durability, while the glass base at the bottom ensures a superior smoking experience.

Standing tall at 14 inches, this water pipe is a stunning sight to behold and will instantly become the centerpiece of any collection. The included glass bowl makes cleaning a breeze, adding convenience to your smoking sessions.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the breathtaking range of colors offered with this water pipe. Each one is uniquely vibrant, making it impossible to guarantee which color you’ll receive.

Embrace the element of surprise and revel in the beauty of this glorious piece. Thanks to its unbeatable durability, you can enjoy this water pipe for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment.

This beaker-style striped silicone & glass water pipe boasts a 14-inch height, making it perfect for gatherings and parties. Its colorful and eye-catching design on the silicone body is a visual delight that will captivate your senses.

What’s more, the durability of the silicone ensures that even the clumsiest of friends can partake in the smoking experience without the worry of breakage.

Whether you’re seeking an affordable everyday water pipe or a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures, beach trips, parties, or festivals, this beaker bong is a perfect choice.

Each order is a delightful surprise, as the color is delivered at random, adding an extra touch of excitement to your purchase.

Don’t wait any longer—order your Showerhead Pyramid Perc Striped Silicone & Glass Water Pipe today and elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

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  • 45 Degree Joint
  • Beaker Base
  • BPA-free grade V1 platinum-cured silicone
  • Durable and unbreakable
  • 14 inches tall
  • 14.5mm female ground joint
  • 14.5mm male herb bowl
  • Showerhead diffuser
  • Color may vary from photo
  • Delivered in a random color!


  • Unbreakable Durability: The BPA-free grade V1 platinum cured silicone construction ensures that this water pipe is virtually indestructible, providing peace of mind and longevity.
  • Superior Smoking Experience: The glass base delivers the optimal smoking qualities that glass is known for, ensuring smooth and satisfying hits.
  • Eye-Catching Design: The vibrant and multi-colored silicone body adds a pop of visual appeal, making it a stunning addition to any collection or smoking session.
  • Convenient Cleaning: The included glass bowl makes cleaning quick and easy, enhancing the overall maintenance and usability of the water pipe.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether for everyday use or outdoor activities like parties, festivals, or beach trips, this beaker bong is the perfect companion for any occasion.
  • Exciting Surprise: The random color delivery adds an element of excitement and anticipation, making each order a delightful surprise.
  • Party Centerpiece: Standing at 14 inches tall, this water pipe commands attention and becomes the focal point of any gathering or social event.


  • Limited Control over Color: As the color is delivered at random, there may be a slight variance between personal color preferences and the color received.
  • Silicone Material: Some smokers may prefer the traditional feel and taste associated with glass bongs, which may differ slightly when using silicone.

Clarity of Smoke: Due to the silicone construction, the transparency of the smoke may be slightly affected compared to glass bongs, although the overall smoking experience remains enjoyable.
Indulge in the best of durability and style with the Showerhead Pyramid Perc Striped Silicone & Glass Water Pipe. Get ready to embark on a smoking adventure like never before!

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