Bud Grinders

Did I Say Bud Grinders?

Hell Yeah! I said BUD Grinders! I’m not tipsy-toein’ around callin’ em “HERB” Grinders. You want an “herb” grinder, go get one on the Home Shopping Network. You want a BUD GRINDER you can find a reference to those right here.

Check the selection I hand-picked for cool-assed stoners like you to see if anything floats your boat.

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Choose from one of two popular online stores. Some grinders may not be available at both stores. For a broader choice of grinders choose Smoke Cartel.

I’m an affiliate marketer, so I get PAID for tellin’ you ’bout this shit! Click my affiliate links and make these suckas pay me! It don’t cost you nothin’, it cost them.

I will always appreciate your support more than anyone else online. I’m just an average working-class dude trying to make a better life. You are what makes that possible. Hat’s off to ya! 🙂

Chronic RL & The Loud & Chronic Team

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