VIBES 4-Part Anodized Metal Bud Grinder

VIBES 4-Part 2.5 Inch Anodized Metal Bud Grinder with magnetic lid comes in Black or Gold. A perfect choice to keep in your paraphernalia arsenal.

Anodized Metal Bud Grinder by VIBES
Good Vibes
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ΔFeel Them Vibes!Δ

Are you feelin’ the Vibes? I sure am! This ain’t no cheapo grinder my dudes… It has a lifetime warranty on the teeth with an option to purchase either a 2 or 3-year extended warranty on the entire grinder. A cool deal if you are tough on your grinders.

It’s made from AIRCRAFT GRADE anodized aluminum! That’s pretty cool stuff!

It comes in black or gold and is packed in a cool triangle-shaped box. {GIFT IDEA!}

Oh, and in case you were wondering… YES, it’s made by the same folks that make Vibes rolling papers.

Don’t screw around! Click that link down there and get your Vibes rockin’… AND keep me satisfied!

ΔGet Your Vibe ON! Δ

And remember, I’ll always appreciate you more than anyone else online. Because I owe everything to you, My Dudes.

Git your grind on with a Vibe!
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