The Revolver – Grinder and Cone Filler


Make your own pre-rolls with the The Revolver - Grinder and Cone Filler.

The Revolver Complete Set Bud Grinder & Cone Filler
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L&C Rating: 5/5 Stars ✮✮✮✮✮

The Revolver – MAKE YOUR DAY!
@ GrassCity OR Smoke Cartel

The Revolver is probably the coolest grinder combo we have ever seen.  A 6 shooter with 5 loaded chambers leaves one empty for loose grindings to fall into. Five bullets and one bowl filler!

The issue we find with the design is the need to pack the weed into the tubes. That makes for a lot of pulling the top off to tamp the bud grindings down into the cones then grind some more… rinse and repeat until cones are full and nicely packed.

The good part is you will have 5 nicely packed blunts to smoke plus no telling how much loose grindings from the empty chamber once you get done. Still, it’s a pretty sweet grinder.

We give it a Loud & Chronic thumbs up for innovation, but caution you about the need to pull the top off to tamp the weed down into the cones every so often.

The Revolver – GIT A SIX SHOOTER!
@ GrassCity OR Smoke Cartel

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