Puffco Peak Smart Rig

Move over smart phones... The Puffco Peak Smart Rig is in town!

Puffco Peak Smart Dabs Rig
Experience the Peak of Perfection
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Are you at the Peak of your dabbing game? You can be with the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig.

This smart rig is at the Peak of its game pushing the boundaries of dabbing to a new level, the epitome of innovation and efficiency. It unleashes the full potential of your favorite concentrates in a powerful blast that will set you back on your heels.

It does all the thinking for you. This desktop vaporizer takes care of each step of the dabbing process with little effort on your part.

The “Smart” part of this rig adjusts the time needed to heat up depending on if the bowl is still warm. It’s called the “Intelligent Temperature Collaboration”.

4 user heat settings allow you to customize the size of hit you receive from a beginner hit to a GONZO wake and bake hit!

The Smart Rig has a simple 2 part design. The borosilicate glass top is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The silicon base protects the innovative technology inside.

The battery charges up in 2 hours and lasts for around 30 dabs. With a 20 seconds heating cycle compared to the industry standard of about 3 minutes, it means less time waiting and more time dabbing.

This “Smart” electric dab rig is the only choice for Smart Dabbers. Or Smart Stoners who like to Dabble.

Dabba, Dabba Dude!

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