Cali Crusher OG Slick 4-Part Grinder

Blue Cali Crusher OG Slick 4-Part Nonstick Grinder with ceramic coating, magnetic lid and stainless steel screen. Made from Anodized 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum.

OG Slick by Cali Crusher 4-Part Bud Grinder
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Introducing the OG Slick by Cali Crusher 4-Part Bud Grinder – the epitome of style and functionality in the world of cannabis grinders. This sleek and durable grinder is a game-changer, designed to elevate your grinding experience to new heights.

First off, let’s talk about the design. The OG Slick is a true work of art. Its smooth, anodized aluminum construction exudes sophistication and durability. With its sleek matte finish and a range of vibrant colors to choose from, this grinder is a statement piece that will catch the eye of anyone in the room. It’s not just a grinder; it’s a fashion accessory.

But don’t be fooled by its stylish appearance – the OG Slick is a beast when it comes to grinding your weed. Equipped with a set of razor-sharp teeth, this grinder effortlessly shreds through even the stickiest of buds, transforming them into a fluffy, consistent grind. The teeth are strategically placed to ensure maximum efficiency and perfect consistency every time. Say goodbye to unevenly ground buds and hello to a smooth, even burn.

One of the standout features of the OG Slick is its magnetic closure system. No more struggling with stubborn threads or worrying about spillage – this grinder seals shut with a satisfying snap, keeping your precious cannabis securely contained. The powerful magnets provide a strong hold, ensuring that nothing escapes and your grinder remains intact even on the go.

Exploded view of a Cali Crusher OG Slick 4-Part Nonstick Grinder with ceramic coating, magnetic lid and stainless steel screen. Made from Anodized 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum.

Cleaning this grinder is a breeze. The four-part design allows for easy disassembly, and each component can be effortlessly rinsed clean. No more wasting time trying to scrub away residue – the OG Slick is designed for hassle-free maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your weed and less time cleaning.

Durability is also a key factor in the OG Slick’s design. Crafted with premium materials, this grinder is built to last. It can withstand the test of time and countless grinding sessions without losing its sharpness or functionality. You can trust that the OG Slick will be your loyal companion for years to come.

In conclusion, the OG Slick by Cali Crusher 4-Part Bud Grinder is the perfect fusion of style and performance. It combines sleek aesthetics, impeccable functionality, and exceptional durability into one remarkable grinder. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a casual cannabis enthusiast, this grinder will elevate your grinding experience to new heights. Say goodbye to subpar grinders and treat yourself to the OG Slick – it’s a game-changer in the world of bud grinding.

So go ahead, embrace the sleekness, embrace the power, and experience the OG Slick for yourself. Your weed deserves the best, and the OG Slick delivers in style.

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  • Efficient grinding: The diamond-cut teeth and 2-inch diameter ensure a smooth and consistent grind, allowing you to prepare your buds quickly and effectively.
  • Durable construction: Made from anodized 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum, this grinder is built to last, resisting scratches and maintaining its quality over time.
  • Non-stick ceramic coating: The grinder’s non-stick ceramic coating prevents your weed from sticking to the surface, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Neodymium magnetic top: The strong magnetic top ensures a secure closure, keeping your grindage securely stored and preventing any accidental spills.
  • Stainless steel screen: The stainless steel screen effectively filters and separates fine pollen from the ground buds, allowing you to collect and enjoy this valuable extract.
  • Safe and food-grade: The grinder’s 100% safe and food-grade coating ensures that no harmful substances will contaminate your weed, providing peace of mind.
  • Pollen chamber and scraping tool: The included pollen chamber and scraping tool allow you to collect and utilize the valuable pollen, enhancing your cannabis experience.


  • Limited capacity: The 2-inch diameter may limit the amount of cannabis that can be ground at once, requiring multiple grinding sessions for larger quantities.
  • Potential for pollen loss: While the stainless steel screen efficiently collects pollen, there is a possibility of some loss during the grinding process.
  • Non-removable screen: The grinder’s screen is not removable, which may make it slightly more challenging to clean thoroughly and renders it more difficult to replace.

Overall, the OG Slick by Cali Crusher 4-Part Bud Grinder offers efficient grinding, durability, and convenient features that enhance your weed preparation. While it may have a limited capacity and a non-removable screen, these minor drawbacks are outweighed by the grinder’s performance and overall value.


  • 2-inch diameter: The grinder has a convenient 2-inch diameter, providing ample space for grinding your buds.
  • Four-piece metal grinder: The grinder consists of four parts, including the lid, grinding chamber, pollen chamber, and base, allowing for efficient grinding and storage.
  • Non-stick ceramic coating: The grinder features a non-stick ceramic coating, preventing weed from sticking to the surface and ensuring easy cleaning.
  • Neodymium magnetic top: The grinder’s top is equipped with a strong neodymium magnet, securely holding the lid in place and preventing accidental spillage.
  • Diamond cut teeth: The grinder’s teeth are precision diamond cut, ensuring a sharp and consistent grind, even with the stickiest of nugs.
  • Stainless steel screen: The grinder includes a stainless steel screen that filters and separates fine pollen from the ground buds, providing an additional collection chamber.
  • 100% safe – food-safe coating: The grinder is made with a food-safe coating, guaranteeing that no harmful substances will leach into your weed, ensuring a safe and clean grinding experience.
  • Anodized 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum: The grinder is constructed from high-quality anodized 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum, ensuring durability, resistance to scratches, and a lightweight design.
  • Includes pollen chamber and scraping tool: The grinder comes with a separate pollen chamber to collect and store the valuable pollen, along with a scraping tool for easy removal and use.

These features collectively contribute to the exceptional performance and convenience of the OG Slick by Cali Crusher 4-Part Bud Grinder, making it an ideal choice for canna-enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient grinding experience.

Chronic RL & The Loud & Chronic Team

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