What is a Skull Gas Mask Bong: Ingenuity in the Making

What is a Skull Gas Mask Bong?

Once upon a time, in the hazy days of high school, a young enthusiast of creative engineering found himself with a peculiar dilemma. Armed with an old army surplus gas mask, a collection of pipe pieces that lay forgotten in the corners of his room, and a curious imagination, he set out to create something truly extraordinary—a gas mask bong unlike anything he had ever seen before.

With a mischievous glimmer in his eye, our intrepid inventor carefully disassembled the gas mask, examining each component with a mix of curiosity and determination. The straps that once held the mask firmly in place were repurposed to ensure a snug and secure fit, while the rubber mask itself offered an airtight seal, ready to be transformed into something new.

The young inventor raided his stash of forgotten pipe pieces, salvaging a variety of fittings, connectors, and bends that had long been discarded. Through trial and error, he pieced together a system of pipes and valves, intertwining them like an intricate puzzle, until a unique bong attachment emerged. This custom creation would be the key to transforming the gas mask into a smoking marvel.

But what about the essential water filtration, the element that could take this invention to the next level? The answer came in the form of a humble jelly jar, sitting idly on a dusty shelf. With a twinkle of inspiration, the young engineer repurposed the jar, fashioning it into a makeshift water chamber. A carefully drilled hole allowed the bong attachment to be securely fitted, completing the contraption in a manner that combined function and whimsy.

The moment of truth had arrived. With trembling hands, the young inventor secured the modified gas mask to his face, adjusting the straps to ensure a perfect fit. He loaded the bowl with his chosen herb, the anticipation building within him. Lighting the substance, he watched as the smoke gracefully danced and swirled, making its way through the labyrinthine network of pipes, cascading into the water-filled jelly jar.

As he inhaled, the creator experienced a sensation like no other. The smoke, now filtered through the water and carried by the mask’s valve, entered his lungs with a soothing coolness. Each breath felt like a moment of divine connection, a communion between his ingenuity and the sweet reward it produced.

Word of this marvel spread like wildfire among the high school’s clandestine circles, capturing the imaginations of fellow explorers of uncharted realms. The gas mask bong became a legendary artifact, a symbol of ingenuity and audacity, inspiring others to push the boundaries of their own creativity.

Though time moved on and the young inventor ventured into new endeavors, his creation would forever be etched in the memories of those who partook in its smoke-filled embrace. The gas mask bong became a testament to the power of innovation, proving that even the most unconventional of unions could birth something truly remarkable.

And so, the tale of the gas mask bong lives on, a testament to the spirit of youth, resourcefulness, and the unyielding pursuit of extraordinary experiences.

The Gas Mask Bong Fact or Fancy?

Although this story is slightly embellished, it actually occurred. The year was 1977. The young lad a Junior in high school. The workshop… a storage room under the garage apartment behind his mom’s house, AKA “The Smoke Room”, where wonders and amazement never ceased.

How can I be sure this story isn’t made up? Because I was that young lad. I was a very smart young man. Too bad I didn’t have any business sense. I could have made a bundle if I had turned my ideas into inventions.

I had the idea for the ratcheting wrench long before it was ever produced. But, what I needed was for the open end to ratchet. I presented my idea to my brother who said it would never work. He said I might be able to do it with the box end, but that wasn’t what I needed at the time, so I completely discarded the notion… and missed out on a golden opportunity.

But let’s return to the gas mask bong.

Gas Mask Bong FAQs:

Q: Is it practical? A: I don’t think so.

Q: Is it easy to use? A: Not really.

Q: So why would anyone want to have one? A: For the novelty and fun of it!

It’s just something that many people enjoy doing.

Nested Spoon Project

My brother and I had this other thing where we would take two table spoons that perfectly nested together. We would heat one up so it was red hot, place our desired item – weed, hashish, cannabinol (That’s what we called crystal THC back in the day.) onto the cold spoon and mash the hot spoon on top of it.

Then one of us would place a large paper bag over our head and allow the smoke to fill the bag. Then you hold the bag closed at your neck and simply breath until you used up all the smoke… or until you got too high.

Those were the days. It’s not like we had to do these crazy things. We could have simply rolled a joint or used a pipe, which we did all the time. It’s simply a matter of an idea popping into your head and feeling the need to feed our adventurous side. Besides, it was fun.

Stay tuned for the next big adventure: The Five Foot Goliath Bong!

In the meantime, check out this skull/pirate gas mask bong! There is a wide assortment of gas mask bongs available, I just like the skull one!

I think it’s a really novel idea and it’s completely functional. Not like the clunky old gas mask bong I created in the smoke room. Don’t get me wrong, it worked just fine. But it was heavy and cumbersome.

This skull gas mask bong is relatively lightweight. And you don’t have to make your own. If I could have tripped down to the local head shop to get one back in the day, I would have done that instead of making one. And… there was no such thing as the internet back then. Not even cell phones.

Also, you can even disconnect the bong from the mask just in case somebody doesn’t feel comfortable wearing the mask. Some people may be claustrophobic or have other issues that may preclude using the mask.

So take advantage of the ease at which you can simply pull out your credit card and make an online purchase and get one of these skull gas mask bongs for your next party!

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