Kannastor Jar Body 4pc Bud Grinder

The Kannastor 2.5in Jar Body 4pc Bud Grinder in with Replaceable Screen. An excellent way to get some blunt or bowl-ready weed.


4pc Jar Body Bud Grinder by Kannastor
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It’s a Kannastor, man… Nice wordplay. I love it. Half jar… half whatever!

Jar body bud grinder made with food grade aluminum… other… body parts?

Magnetic lid, removable/replaceable screen, kief chamber, kief scraper… comes in a box. 😛

It’s a way cool bud grinder as bud grinders go. Sorry, I just can’t get all that excited about bud grinders. We used to use a pair of scissors and had to clean them with acetone. Or just used our fingernails and got to suck on them later for a little taste.

But seriously… This is a very nice grinder. And it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. How many grinders make that claim? Of course, this only covers the teeth getting broken. You can purchase an extended warranty for 2 or 3 years that covers the entire grinder.

Pretty cool deal if you are rough on your grinders and want to spend the extra cash.

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