ROOR Little Sista Beaker Bong


The ROOR Little Sista Beaker Bong is a straight up hitter for old school stoners.

Little Sista Beaker Bong by ROOR
An In-Depth Loud ‘N’ Chronic Review

HEY Can I Get A Little, Sista

I said hey there mistah, talkin’ bout a Little Sista. She’s smoother than a twista.

The Little Sista is a clean, basic beaker bong. No ice pinchers. If you want to cool it down, you gotta go old school and drop the ice right into the bottom of the beaker. That’s the way we did it back in the day.

So, if you want a bong without all the fluff and stuff this is a really cool choice. Git It!

Stay Cool lil Brothas and Sistas!
Chronic RL

Gimme Dat Little Sista

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