Pulsar Sipper Dual Use Concentrate or 510 Cartridge Vaporizer

The Pulsar Sipper Dual Use Concentrate & 510 Cartridge Vaporizer Bubbler is a high-tech and stylish vaporizer that delivers cool and filtered hits of your favorite concentrates. With its retro lava lamp design and easy-to-use touchpad interface, the Sipper is a joy to use and provides a luxurious vaping experience.

Dr Dabber SWITCH Kit, Portable Vaporizer

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SWITCH Kit e-Rig Vaporizer by Dr. Dabber Switch to a Switch Kit An In-Depth Loud & Chronic Review L&C Rating: 5/5 Stars ✮✮✮✮✮ ◊Dab One Now! @ GrassCity◊   Switching from dry herbs to concentrates can be a game-changer for many vaping enthusiasts, and the Dr. Dabber SWITCH makes this transition seamless. This desktop e-rig … Read more