Bud Grinders

Different types of grinders, meat grinder, coffee grinder, metal grinder etc as a commical representation of cannabis bud grinders. Plus a bowl and jar of cannabis buds.

Did I Say Bud Grinders? Hell Yeah! I said BUD Grinders! I’m not tipsy-toein’ around callin’ em “HERB” Grinders. You want an “herb” grinder, go get one on the Home Shopping Network. You want a BUD GRINDER you can find a reference to those right here. Check the selection I hand-picked for cool-assed stoners like … Read more

Famous Brandz Durable 4-Part Bud Grinders

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4-Part Bud Grinders by Famous Brandz An In-Depth Loud & Chronic Review L&C Rating: 4/5 Stars ✮✮✮✮✮ «Git Your Favorite Puff Puff Pass Bud Grinder» @ Smoke Cartel With the Puff Puff Pass 4-part aluminum bud grinder by Famos Brandz, you can grind up some of your favorite strains of chronic with the grinder to match. … Read more