Bong vs. Bubbler: Isn’t a Bubbler Simply a Smaller Version of a Bong?

The Bong vs. Bubbler Controversy

What are the characteristics of a bong vs a bubbler? Most people agree that a bubbler is a separate device from a bong. They also agree that both bubblers and bongs are water pipes.

They say that a bubbler is distinctly different because it more closely resembles a pipe in “appearance and function”. Really? Because I’ve never put water in my pipe to smoke it. And the bubblers pictured above resemble a bong more so than a pipe. Except for the RooR Inside which more closely resembles a Hookah.

Although RooR doesn’t label the Inside as a bubbler, some online headshops certainly do.

What is a Bong?

The Pulsar Gravity Recycler Water Pipe is one helluva trippy ass bong!

“A bong (also known as a water pipe) is a filtration device generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances.” Wikipedia 

“The word bong is an adaptation of the Thai word bong or baung (Thai: บ้อง, [bɔ̂ŋ]), which refers to a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe, or container cut from bamboo, and which also refers to the bong used for smoking.” Wikipedia 

Bong Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary:

“a device that is used for smoking marijuana in which the smoke is passed through water : water pipe.”

A bong is a water pipe that was first designed in Asia sometime around the 14th century as far as I can discover. It was undoubtedly invented by poor people who couldn’t afford to buy a fancy water pipe namely a hookah. Bongs were used to smoke tobacco and bhang!

It was traditionally made from cut bamboo. Your guess is as good as mine as to what they used for a bowl. I would imagine they used a bamboo downstem and a wooden bowl. I also imagine they would have used the sap from a rubber tree or something similar to seal the connections.

What exactly is it that defines a bong?

The most basic bong is defined by a tube stoppered at the bottom, with a hole for a downstem, with or without a choke-hole and some form of bowl at the top of the downstem.

But What Defines a Modern Bong?

The Hitoki Trident Laser Combustion Bong is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It features laser powered combustion, multiple power settings, an LED power level indicator, fast USB charging-over 250 hits on a single charge, an integrated water filter for cleaner hits, is available in 3 colors and carries a 3 year extended warranty.Easy to operate. Simply fill the lower chamber with water, load the bowl, and tap the power button twice to activate the laser.

Modern bongs come in so many shapes and sizes, it’s quite difficult to define them in simple terms. There are traditional tube bongs, more modern beaker bongs, bubble-base bongs, percolators, honeycombs, and an array of ceramic bongs that completely boggle the mind.

Bongs are made from various materials from glass to ceramic & acrylic. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if there were or will be bongs made out of cardboard. And if you poach my idea of a cardboard bong or bubbler, I expect a percentage of sales. 😉

So, What the Heck is a Bubbler?

Tiny but mighty Super Nano travel rig bubbler. Get your HI ON!

Well, I would describe a bubbler in the most simple of terms. It’s a small water-pipe that resembles both a bong and a pipe. But there are so many differently designed bubblers that many of them defy being encapsulated into such a simple category or definition.

I notice that nobody has submitted any information into Wikipedia for a bubbler. According to the Oxford Languages Dictionary, a bubbler is a water fountain. What we can take away from this is that a bubbler has yet to be officially defined.

I suppose we have to wait for some professor to tell us what a bubbler is, right? While they are at it, they can tell us what some dank nugs are too!

Controversy Around Bongs vs. Bubblers

One online reference states, “One key differences of bubblers is that, for the most part, bubblers only have fixed downstems…” I know I’m bad at grammar, but isn’t that sort of a conundrum besides the incorrect grammar “One key differences”?

Sorry, I did say I was bad a grammar. Conundrum isn’t the word I was looking for. More of a contradiction in terms… “for the most part” and “only”. It can’t be both.

Anyway, for me to say that bubblers are merely tiny bongs is sort of, nearly, almost, but not quite like saying a bong is merely a different sort of hookah. After all, they are all water pipes.

Can You Clarify That?

OK, I get that the world of MJ paraphernalia has evolved tremendously over the past several years. I understand the need to differentiate between the new class of water pipes that aren’t quite bong-like.

But… If I were to take a water pipe that was obviously in the bubbler classification and redesign it to have a removable downstem, would that put it in the “bong” class of water pipe? Sorry, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to make fun of the “for the most part” and “only” thing again!

I realize that with the vast amount of water pipes being designed, there is going to be some confusion and gray areas. There are bound to be some that can fit within both the bong and bubbler class.

Time For a New Classification?

Should these water pipes be classified as Bubbler or Bongs... or something else entirely?

So what should we call those water pipes that seem to have the characteristics of both bong and bubbler? Should there be an entirely new classification of water pipe declared?

Here’s my take on it… We, meaning you, our readers, and the Loud ‘N’ Chronic team, should brainstorm and come up with an entirely new classification of water pipe that is an infusion of the bubbler and the bong.

I would like to start off the conversation by presenting the first names for consideration, the “Bongler” and the “Bubbong”…!

Well, I got stuck trying to come up with more names, so I decided to ask ChatGPT for some ideas. I had it generate 100 new words for a bong/bubbler hybrid and here is what it came up with… Check out the very first name generated! And I swear I came up with it first!

Oh, and check out the third one… I think ChatGPT was reading my mind!

Bong vs. Bubbler Hybrid Suggested Name List

  1. Bubbong
  2. Hydrobowl
  3. Aquabongler
  4. Splashpipe
  5. Waterway
  6. Fusionbong
  7. Hydrabubble
  8. Aqualuxe
  9. Bongbubbler
  10. Hydrofusion
  11. Ripplepipe
  12. Aquaflow
  13. Glasswave
  14. Bubblinge
  15. Liquidglass
  16. H2Obong
  17. Bubblycascade
  18. Streamline
  19. Fluidflare
  20. Bongblet
  21. Aquabreeze
  22. Hydraswirl
  23. Bongularis
  24. Bubblestream
  25. Hydrohaze
  26. Aquaflux
  27. Glassquench
  28. Bubblusion
  29. Hydrosplash
  30. Watertwist
  31. Bonglewater
  32. Aqualite
  33. Hydrodrift
  34. Bongalaxy
  1. Bubbleflow
  2. Aquapulse
  3. Hydrotide
  4. Glassgush
  5. Bubblingrove
  6. Aquarush
  7. Hydroblend
  8. Bongquarium
  9. AquaVortex
  10. Bubbaflow
  11. Hydrashift
  12. GlassCascade
  13. Bonglaze
  14. AquaSphere
  15. HydroMingle
  16. BubbleWave
  17. BongLagoon
  18. Aquascape
  19. Hydronectar
  20. GlassPulse
  21. Bubblenook
  22. AquaWhirl
  23. Hydroluxe
  24. BongChurn
  25. BubbleRide
  26. WaterFusion
  27. BubblySpiral
  28. HydroJetstream
  29. AquaBlitz
  30. GlassGusher
  31. BongSplasher
  32. HydroTwist
  33. AquaVista
  34. BongletWave
  1. HydroSphere
  2. GlassFusionator
  3. BubbaHaze
  4. AquaVortexion
  5. HydroBubblewave
  6. BongSplashFlow
  7. GlassCyclone
  8. AquaMingleFlow
  9. HydroBubblusion
  10. BongChurnstream
  11. AquaPulseRide
  12. HydroLagoonGlide
  13. HydroFusionWave
  14. AquaCirclet
  15. BongBubbleJet
  16. GlassySwirl
  17. AquaBonglerFlow
  18. HydroBubbluxe
  19. BongSplashSurge
  20. AquaticGlide
  21. GlassVortexStream
  22. BubblingHydra
  23. AquaMistral
  24. HydroBongarium
  25. BongBubbleNebula
  26. AquaSwirlWave
  27. GlassBubblusionJet
  28. HydroPulseStream
  29. BongFlowCascade
  30. AquaSplashWhirl
  31. BubblingTideRide
  32. HydroWaveMingle

Now some of these names are quite ridiculous, but there are several that are quite promising!

Although I thought Bubbong was kind of cool, I really like Bongler much better as far as my ideas go. I came up with a few more, but my favorite is still Bongler.

The Splasher
The Swirler
The Swirly

OH, OH, OH, OH… Tiny Bubbles!

Or simply a Rippler!

OK, your turn!

Let’s Play a Game!

Join in the fun of our bong/bubbler hybrid naming contest!

I’ve got an idea… Let’s have a bit of a contest.

The Bong vs. Bubbler Hybrid Renaming Contest

Choose one single name from the list above including the names I came up with, and submit it with an explanation as to why you think it deserves to be the name of our new classification of water pipe. Please only submit one name for consideration.

In addition to that, if you prefer to enter the fray, come up with your own unique name and submit it with your single choice from the list. You must choose your favorite from the list in order to submit your own name for consideration.

Submit your chosen name from the list and the unique name you come up with explaining why each would make a good choice for a new classification of bong/bubbler water pipe using the comments section below.

When all is said and done, we will list all the unique names that you guys submit along with the 10 most popular from the ChatGPT generated names and the ones I came up with listed above. Then you, our favorite people in the whole world, will vote on your favorite name!

You can not vote for the unique name you submit. Only one vote per IP address will count. Please don’t try to game the game, this is all in good fun.

Bong vs. Bubbler Hybrid Renaming Contest Winner…

If the name you submit is chosen as our brand spanking new bong/bubbler hybrid classification name, then you will have won the right to have your name and picture plastered all over our website and social media!

Of course, I will probably have to come up with some rules as this thing progresses. And currently, there is no set deadline. Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Show a little patience and understanding. This is our first attempt at anything like this. If you have any suggestions as to how to proceed with this little game I would appreciate an email from you. You can use our contact form for this.

We would love to hear from you,
Chronic RL & The Loud & Chronic Team

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